We are a group of committed Christians who seek to bless and support the people in our community, through outreach events and community get togethers.


We are a group of Christian friends. We all belong to various churches throughout the city and also come together regularly for Bible studies, prayer groups and just hanging out as friends. We also come together to plan and host homeless street missions and community outreach events such as our upcoming free indoor fair at a rented space. 


Currently we are not a registered charity. All of our events are paid for by ourselves and our group's generous friends and private donors. 


We believe that Faith without works is dead, but we also believe that we have been saved by grace alone. We put on free community events and various street missions along with alot of other personal Christian commitments not because we are trying to "earn favor" from God, but rather because we love Him and are committed to truly doing the Will of God. We haven't been saved by doing "good works".....we have been saved for them. As friends of Jesus and agents of God, we go out into our community and help out the poor, pray with the sick, and invite the broken-hearted into our fellowship of true Neighborly Love. We share everything we have; our time, our money, our resources, and above all, the Love of God